Scientific Research

Well, its Friday evening and I am going out to see some friends. No doubt, there will be alcohol involved and I am plagued by the notorious Asian Flush. Seems I, like 50% of the Asian community have a gene defect, which inhibits our ability to break down alcohol.

As a result, we turn bright red, accompanied with a disco I’m your chest that can be felt the whole body over, throbbing headache and nausea.

Couple of weeks ago, I went out, and had quite a bit to drink, however, my face didn’t look like it was sun burnt, I didn’t have a disco in my chest, a headache or nausea. What did I do? Initially, I though I was fixed, but further tests showed inconclusive.

There is something in my diet that helped me. I am on that search.

I will spare you the details, I have kept detailed records in my journal. But so far, I have a couple of possibilities.

    1. Omega 3
    2. Lemon juice

I have had both this evening, so will update with results in the morning.

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Canary Wharf Jog 2011


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My 3rd jog of the series, and a good one – the best so far! A lot of friends participated in this event, so I am happy such a party has gathered. The latest addition was Sponge, Sue and Martin. Hopefully next time, we will see an even bigger crowd!

Having someone run beside me was a whole new experience. Aside from great company and the odd chit chat & banter, I was able to share this experience with someone. Doing something for charity is one thing, having fun and exceeding that is something else.

We did well. Sponge and I managed 11.25 km as so did the rest. I am also sure we raised quite a bit for the charity.

A friend’s initial challenge was to do the 10km in under an hour. He managed to smash this by doing it in 44 minutes. Seeing as my time is just over an hour, I think I will aim to do the 10 in under one hour. I have 3 more runs to achieve this.

The next run will be on the 29th June. A Wednesday run at Hyde Park. If you can, you should come along and join us. I can guarantee that you will feel great after the run.

The warm up

Sponge and me before the run... I had the energy to smile then...

Some new faces I didn't expect to see. Well done guys. I photoshopped my smile - had no energy left

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been busy with life…

Sorry, I have been ever so busy this week, I have not had time to post anything (not that anyone cares or reads it)

Will calm down and get round to it next week or sooner. Good thing I am not one of those youtube people. Lots of disappointed fans otherwise.

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Wonderful feeling, every day…

Just had such an exciting day.

Sunday night: couldn’t sleep, my phone auto switched off as it passed 0300. Still no sign of dozing off. I lay there, relaxed, seeing with my ears. Constantly awoken by twitches just as I finally fall asleep.

No idea when I finally fell asleep, but judging by how groggy I felt in the morning, probably quite late.

Monday: I wake up with a bad feeling, one of those where you don’t know what’s wrong. I get ready and quickly check my junk mail incase something important got filtered. Did my rounds on Facebook and regretted it.

Amongst other things, my mind was busy trying to find answers, answers to problems that only time can answer. Trying to focus at work was so difficult. Dead weight in my chest was slowing me down.

The rain has stopped for lunch, and so have I. Off to McDonald’s, hoping it would make my day, but no happy meal can fight back the demons within me.

The day ends. I get distracted as I leave the office. Like I have just been pick pocketed, I leave with two items less – my jacket and umbrella.

Approaching my final destination on the tube. I plan a few moment ahead. It struck me that I won’t be able to do them. My keys were in the jacket pocket that hang neatly behind the office door.

Only two weeks ago, I planned for a situation like this. It seemed the only wise thing to do was to get a set of keys cut that stay at home. I had not been paid then, or I would have been prepared – I would have beaten sods law, but that’s just a paradox.

it is 2330. I am on the underground. I travel to my landlady to pick up a set of spares. I write this with a smile, trying to make what’s left of this day a positive one. It smells negativity. It thrives on pessimism. I will not let it consume me. I will fight it and dance on the hardship it lays before me. I will win.

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and the beat goes on…

I am falling into a rather depressing rhythm. I try to get up at 0830 and aim to get in by 1030… I have never been on time. Its not because I can’t wake up (honest) it is because it is off peak after 0930. To get in on time, I will have to pass the gates 10 minutes beforehand. The price nearly halves! So I choose to go off peak, and make up for a little lost time by leaving later in the evening.

There really isn’t a lot of time for myself in the evening, so recently, I have been steaming my food, it is quick, easy and healthy. Diet consists of veg and some salmon and rice. I think I have mastered the art, dinner is served in about 20 minutes.

I work a 6 day week, and there really isn’t a lot of time for myself or to do anything during the evening. On Sunday I usually spend the day recouping for lost sleep and using it to get back into London for Monday at the office.

I do feel bad though. My landlady has asked that I clean the place every week. Its a tall order considering I’m not the only one living there. But its good to finally see my housemates pulling their weight a little, especially in the bathroom. It is a place where to go to get clean – That wasn’t the case in our house.

When I was a student, I had too much time. Days were long and time was my fiend. As a student, I learnt value of £1; now I understand worth of 1 hour.

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Enter title here…

Work is proving long. So far, I have learnt lots of new things, such as understanding any future payslips I might get, how to calculate tax & NI and how to wrestle a lion to the ground. I have been on wage duty for a couple of months, earning the title Payboy. I don’t claim to be an expert yet, but hope that the experience gained will assist me in any other office jobs that may cross my path in life.

These past few days, I have deviated from wages and assumed a role that is a little more comfortable for me. The office technician. I have been busy trying to update the computers and ensuring the needed, software is up-to-date and resolving typical computer problems. Not something I can’t do, but long. This have earned me my second title. 機佬。

I wonder what my next one is…

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Cease the cliché moment.

Something you see in the movies happened on my way home from work yesterday evening. Put me in a very awkward situation.

I’m on the Victoria line, and opposite me is a rather pretty, young professional. I didn’t think much of it, and started to plan what’s left of my evening.

My station arrives and I stand up and prepare to alight the train. As the train comes to a halt, it suddenly slams on the brakes – some of you can guess what happens next.

No, she didn’t fall into my arms. Instead the sudden stop sent the professionals notebooks and files all over the train floor.

We stood there staring at the toppled papers and pad, like a stand off to see who was the first to pick them up. Now, at this point, I should help her pick up the stuff as it was right in front of me, then she thinks I’m a nice guy, she gives me her number blah blah blah.

But I didn’t. Did I mention she was with a colleague or someone? Yes. After staring at the stuff on the floor (I won by the way) she went on to pick up the stuff, promptly assisted by her friend, but as she had a friend with her, I walked off like the Stig.

I do feel kinda bad for not helping, but it was a situation where she had help readily available and an outsider (me) was not needed. I think it would have been a little more awkward if I did.

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Google ads

something I can use right now...

something I can use right now…

There is an advertising campaign from google that has been everywhere. I think its a very good one – it is for google voice search.

I am sure that a lot of people have already seen this, it is very few adverts that really engage me and I end up staring at it for ages trying to work out what it says.

It has now become something I like to see on billboards. Something I like to sit and read, maybe think about and have an epitome when I understand it… Similar to the funnies in the paper.

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Blogging where few bloggers has blogged before

It is all very well blogging on your mobile device or laptop at cafes or on trains, but this is surreal… I am currently in a car on my way to London, writing this blog while listening to lots of different stuff on YouTube… I have a comfortable seat, feeling rather safe strapped in, and all thanks to tethering. I am using the Sony Ericsson Arc, a nice phone, large screen and really thin.

Thanks to 3 and their mobile network, I can download at 400kbs in a car. maybe I should start getting into this technology thing.

Grab life by the balls before it bites you in the ass

I have been troubled. As you progress through life, it will give you opportunities, the harder you work, the more options you will get, some better, some may be blessings in disguise. It is up to you as an individual to decode that opportunity and take that junction in life. On one end, it’s the perfect life, the other, not so good. How many right junctions will you take to reach that end of the spectrum?

I don’t want to zig zag through good and bad in life. I need a sign, that will point me in the right direction, a co pilot?

There is no perfect option, not yet anyways. Each in an infinite cycle of paper, scissors, rock – social, money, opportunity. Always only 2, never all 3.

How do you make your decision? I lay here, awake on a beautiful sunny end-of-the-world morning looking for answers I don’t have… The first decision was easy but I have things to lose now…