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I do not understand why eating is allowed on public transport. It turns the train carriages into giant rubbish bins.

It was just on the bus I saw how disgusting it was; orange peel on the floor, gum smeared on surfaces wrappers everywhere. I felt that this bus was on its last legs. But it’s not. That is a 79 bus to Alperton and the fleet are relatively new buses.

I get on the tube, and I find that the person who comes sits next to me spills a can of coke. This gets all over my shoe and floor making it sticky. The wrapper? That goes on the floor… The guy that sits opposite me decides to have a sandwich. Crumbs go everywhere and the packaging goes on the sill behind him. Not to mention the offensive smell that assaulted my sinuses.

So it seems that with no air conditioning body odour is the fragrance of choice for commuters, topped with garnishing of litter and the occasional blast of egg sandwich. Not all bad though, you get to use the carriages as saunas in the summer.

Eating is prohibited on other public transport services I used and this makes it a much cleaner and happier place for everyone. Also it’s air conditioned; and it includes the platform! Ahh fresh air!

If eating is ok on the tube. Maybe I should eat some. I can have some Surströmming and maybe with some stinky tofu and some fruit to end the meal on. I’m sure if I can offend enough people, then eating will be banned on the public transport. Should start a movement…