I didn’t hear about this till quite last minute. I figured as I am in London early that day, I would make the most of it.

After some earlier arrangements, I didn’t get there until about 1700. I was worried that I wouldn’t get enough time as the Thames Festival had a lot to see.

I crossed the river via the Golden Jubilee Bridge and it was immediate that I had arrived. I had never seen the south bank so busy! I tried to shuffle to stalls to see what was going on, but that often took too long with disappointing results. I gave up and headed towards the OXO tower…Korea Calling was what I came to see.

It seems that by the time I had arrived, the party was pretty much over. There were a few stands, mainly tourist information, petitions and food stalls. The KCCUK were at hand to tell those interested about events held at the centre. The girl at the stand tried to convince me to come to the movie night to be held the following day, but I was not brave enough to go. If you are interested in going to a movie night, you should have a look at what they have showing and make a booking. Here

They had a open air stage, which unfortunately was at the mercy of the weather. It was fine when I arrived, I hoped to catch the last performance and head off home early. But the rain delayed everything and I got absolutely soaked waiting! After a mop up of the stage, the show when on. – A Taekwondo demonstration. We had lots of punches and kicks, which must have been rather difficult to perform on the wet stage… Then some planks of wood started to appear on stage, it was obvious where this was going.

I had a good time there, interesting and a nice insight. The festival has only fuelled my interest of the country and culture even more. I would like to learn more, maybe go there myself in future.

Sorry, I have been very lazy with the photos this time. I have included some parade photos too… Enjoy




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