I first read about this back in April/May and I wanted to see it. I wanted to see it because I wanted more information. From what I know is that Yuri Gagarin is a Russian astronaut cosmonaut , who made the first manned flight in space. But why is this man so significant? What ties does he have with the British? – I hope to gain a better understanding into the relationship.

To be honest, I nearly forgot about this if it wasn’t for a Facebook post announcing the unveiling of a replica Yuri Gagarin statue in Trafalgar Square. I was made aware of this by a old friend, a budding interior architect working with Nick Coombes on the exhibition design.

It was a small exhibit, but was rich. Our exhibit guide, Nathan, guided us through life with the photo timeline, which beautifully told the story of Yuri Gagarin. The exhibit also showcased some artifacts from the spaceflight and some history surrounding the mission and a little about Laika.

It turns out, there was no real relationship between Yuri and Britain. He was celebrated and hailed a hero for the simple fact of outstanding achievement of mankind. He was invited to the UK by some foundry workers in Manchester, but received a hero’s welcome. His life story is a beautiful one, that sadly, ended tragically. It shows that people from anywhere and any background can achieve something amazing in life. From a humble background, he ended up meeting the queen, and meeting the US president, despite being in the middle of the Cold War.

If you have time, I recommend registering your interest and attending the exhibit. The times are a little odd, but it is means you can end your day early 🙂

Gagarin in Britain

Tuesday & Friday 1600 to 1700

Admission – Free

Yuri Gagarin replica statue: On top of the world with infinite possibilities...

...No matter which angel you look from...

Yuri Gagarin was a small chap. He was about 5'2, and still, that space looks snug...

Everything else was controlled at command centre. Except this... Had he fallen unconscious, he would not have been able to deploy his parachute.

The photo timeline. You can see his turning point in life.

Doggie space suit. For some reason I was expecting the dog to be huge. Regardless, I was assured that there was space for the pooch to move in there.

Contemporary Russian space food. What Yuri had was almost all from toothpaste tubes (including meat). Quite fitting to put items in a dome cover like a space helmet.

I felt so important with this...