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My 3rd jog of the series, and a good one – the best so far! A lot of friends participated in this event, so I am happy such a party has gathered. The latest addition was Sponge, Sue and Martin. Hopefully next time, we will see an even bigger crowd!

Having someone run beside me was a whole new experience. Aside from great company and the odd chit chat & banter, I was able to share this experience with someone. Doing something for charity is one thing, having fun and exceeding that is something else.

We did well. Sponge and I managed 11.25 km as so did the rest. I am also sure we raised quite a bit for the charity.

A friend’s initial challenge was to do the 10km in under an hour. He managed to smash this by doing it in 44 minutes. Seeing as my time is just over an hour, I think I will aim to do the 10 in under one hour. I have 3 more runs to achieve this.

The next run will be on the 29th June. A Wednesday run at Hyde Park. If you can, you should come along and join us. I can guarantee that you will feel great after the run.

The warm up

Sponge and me before the run... I had the energy to smile then...

Some new faces I didn't expect to see. Well done guys. I photoshopped my smile - had no energy left

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