Just had such an exciting day.

Sunday night: couldn’t sleep, my phone auto switched off as it passed 0300. Still no sign of dozing off. I lay there, relaxed, seeing with my ears. Constantly awoken by twitches just as I finally fall asleep.

No idea when I finally fell asleep, but judging by how groggy I felt in the morning, probably quite late.

Monday: I wake up with a bad feeling, one of those where you don’t know what’s wrong. I get ready and quickly check my junk mail incase something important got filtered. Did my rounds on Facebook and regretted it.

Amongst other things, my mind was busy trying to find answers, answers to problems that only time can answer. Trying to focus at work was so difficult. Dead weight in my chest was slowing me down.

The rain has stopped for lunch, and so have I. Off to McDonald’s, hoping it would make my day, but no happy meal can fight back the demons within me.

The day ends. I get distracted as I leave the office. Like I have just been pick pocketed, I leave with two items less – my jacket and umbrella.

Approaching my final destination on the tube. I plan a few moment ahead. It struck me that I won’t be able to do them. My keys were in the jacket pocket that hang neatly behind the office door.

Only two weeks ago, I planned for a situation like this. It seemed the only wise thing to do was to get a set of keys cut that stay at home. I had not been paid then, or I would have been prepared – I would have beaten sods law, but that’s just a paradox.

it is 2330. I am on the underground. I travel to my landlady to pick up a set of spares. I write this with a smile, trying to make what’s left of this day a positive one. It smells negativity. It thrives on pessimism. I will not let it consume me. I will fight it and dance on the hardship it lays before me. I will win.

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